1.1     The title of the Association shall be “The National Association of Dental Advisers” (N.A.D.A), referred to hereafter as the Association.


2.1     The aims of the Association are:

2.1.1 To support the professional needs of members by:

  • Facilitating effective networking for members;
  • Facilitating the development and sharing of best practice;
  • Identifying development needs and providing opportunities for continual professional development for members;
  • Providing an annual Conference for Dental Advisers.
  • Provide regional meetings a deemed appropriate by the exec.

2.1.2 To promote and develop the role of Dental Advisers by:

  • Promoting the role and varied responsibilities of Dental Advisers.
  • Representing the views of members to statutory and non-statutory bodies.
  • Promoting the need for a continuing professional training pathway with appropriate training for Dental Advisers.
  • Supporting the recruitment and appointment of Dental Advisers.

2.1.3 To develop and maintain professional standards by:

  • Peer review and support for Advisers.
  • Developing a programme of continuing professional training in response to identified needs;
  • The promotion and dissemination of best practice.
  • Providing necessary support and guidance for Dental Advisers;
  • Working with partner agencies as part of a co-ordinated approach to developing good practice.


3.1     Membership of the Association shall be open to any health care professional on the GDC register giving professional dental advice.

3.2     Applicants should apply for membership directly to the Secretary of the Association. If any doubt arises regarding eligibility for membership the application will be submitted to the Executive Committee for consideration. The decision of the Executive Committee will be final.

3.3     Any member may resign their membership notifying the Secretary in writing. Resigning members shall not be entitled to any refund of membership fees.

3.4     A member who retires or relinquishes an appropriate post may apply for a retired non-voting affiliation to the Association.

3.5     Honorary membership may by conferred by the Executive Committee and will be limited to three persons at any one time. Honorary members will enjoy all privileges of the Association.

3.6     An annual subscription shall become payable on the 31st November of each year, the amount to be determined at the AGM. Attendance at the Annual Conference will confer automatic membership of the Association.        

3.7       Membership of NADA will allow members access to the dedicated NADA website and associated forums and access to network of fellow advisers.


4.1     An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will normally coincide with the Annual Conference of the Association. Thirty days notice of the date of the AGM will be posted on the NADA website.

4.2     The business of the AGM will be to

  • Receive reports from the President, Secretary, Chair of Council and Treasurer of the Association,
  • To determine the Annual Subscriptions for the ensuing year·
  • To elect two non-executive members as auditors
  • Discuss such motions as may have been submitted, and any    amendments thereto,
  • Transact any other business, as the Executive Committee or presiding Chair shall think fit.
  • To elect the Officers of the Association for the following year.

4.3     Any member may submit a motion at the AGM, the terms of which have been communicated to the Secretary at least two calendar months prior to the meeting. If it is seconded at the AGM the motion will be open for discussion and may be voted on.

4.4     An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by the Chair or Executive Committee at any time providing 21 days notice is given to members in writing. The Chair shall call a EGM on the request of members, providing that the purpose of the meeting is made clear in writing, and the request is supported by at lease 20 members in writing. Such a meeting must be held within 60 days of receipt of the request.

4.5     The Constitution of the association may only be amended at an Extraordinary General Meeting. A motion for an amendment to the Constitution must be submitted in writing to the Secretary. All voting members of the Association must be notified of a motion to amend the Constitution, with no less than 7 days notice in writing.

4.6     A quorum for the AGM or EGM will be at least 50% of elected members.

4.7     All business to be transacted at any meeting of the Association shall be passed by a majority of all members present and voting, except for motions relating to amendments of the Constitution which should be passed by a majority of two thirds of the members present and voting. In the event of voting being equal the Chair will have a casting vote in addition to the ordinary vote.

4.8     Only full members of the Association will be eligible to vote at meetings.

4.10  Guests may attend meetings of the Association by invitation of the Executive Committee.


5.1     The general business of the Association will be conducted by the Executive Committee, which will maintain close links with its members via Regional Representatives.

5.2     The Executive Committee will comprise of:

  • NADA President
  • Chair of NADA Council
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Following year Annual Conference lead
  • Co-opted members

5.3     The Executive Committee shall meet on at least two occasions per year in addition to the AGM.-Teleconference /skype or any other method deemed appropriate.

5.4     The quorum of the Executive Committee shall be at least 50% of members, be they officers or representatives (or their deputies).

5.5     All decisions of the Executive Committee requiring a vote shall be passed by a majority of those present. Should the vote be equal, the President will have a casting vote in addition to an ordinary vote.

5.6     Notices of executive Committee meetings will be sent to all members of the Executive Committee. Representatives will be responsible, as necessary, for notifying deputies and forwarding notices and papers to them and members.

5.7     The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint ad hoc sub-committees for such purposes as it considers necessary and dissolve them as it sees fit.

5.8     Unless authorised by the Executive Committee each sub-committee shall report only to the Executive Committee.

5.9     At least one member of the Executive Committee of the Association shall be a member of any ad hoc sub-committee established by the Association.

5.10   Casual vacancies may be appointed from the membership by the Executive Committee until the next AGM.

5.11   The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt individuals on an ad hoc basis in recognition of their specialist knowledge or expertise.


6.1     The President , Council Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected annually at the AGM. Nominations should be submitted, duly seconded, to the Secretary two calendar months prior to the AGM.

6.2     Officers may establish links with statutory and non-statutory bodes for mutual benefit of the body concerned and the Association.

6.3     Officers or other appointed representatives of the Association attending meetings on behalf of the Association shall be reimbursed at British Dental Guild rate plus necessary expenses.

6.4     Officers may resign from office by notifying the Secretary or President in writing.


7.1     The President shall:

  • Preside over meetings of the Association and its Executive Committee. (In the absence of the President Chair for the meeting will be elected from those members present.)
  • Interpret the Constitution of the Association if necessary and sign the minutes of meetings once approved.
  • Prepare for the AGM a report on the work and activities of the Association during the proceeding year, and identify the framework for the following year’s programme.
  • Delegate tasks to other members of the Executive Committee as appropriate.

7.2     The Secretary shall:

  • Conduct the correspondence and other business of the Association.
  • Be responsible for all arrangements for meetings.
  • Disseminate information, notices and announcements, subject to the direction of the Association or its Executive Committee.
  • Delegate tasks to the Assistant Secretary or any other appointment designated by the Executive.
  • Prepare an Annual Report for the Annual General Meeting.

7.3     The Treasurer shall:

  • Receive all subscriptions and other income payable to the Association.
  • Make payments as authorised on behalf of the Association as sole signatory.
  • Maintain an up-to-date list of members of the Association.
  • Present an annual statement of accounts to the AGM.
  • Ensure that Annual Accounts are duly certified.
  • On retirement from office the Treasurer will hand over to his/her successor all records, books, papers and cash belonging to the Association.
  • Maintain any necessary bank accounts on behalf of the Association in accordance with Standing Financial Orders of the Association.
  • The Chair of Council shall:
  • Ensure the views of the many independent bodies NADA as an umbrella organisation covers (such as NHSE,HEE,GDC,Corporate bodies,BSA,NCAS,Denplan,GDC etc) are represented.
  • Provide an annual report to the AGM.


8.1     The Constitution of the Association will be reviewed from time to time but at intervals not greater than five years to ensure it continues to be relevant to the membership.


11.1   Dissolution of the Association can only be made through the Executive.

11.2   The Executive may dissolve the Association following a ballot of the membership. This would be undertaken by an independent returning officer and require a majority of two thirds.

11.3   If any assets or other property remain after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities such a resolution shall indicate choices for the disposal of any assets held in the name of the Association. Such disposal shall be at the discretion of the Executive having taken professional advice as required.

GDPR compliance: The Association will comply with the requirements of the data Protection Act 2018

Modified 14th November 2018